South Carolina Clinical Mental Health Counselor Association (SCCMHCA) is a chapter of our national organization, the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA). We aim to be the leading South Carolina organization for clinical mental health counselors. SCCMHCA strives to be the go-to organization for LPCs and other mental health professionals for education, advocacy, leadership, and collaboration. Our organization provides the backbone of skills and resources needed for clinical mental health counselors to thrive in today's world.


Advance the profession of clinical mental health counseling.

Promote the exchange of professional information among clinical mental health counselors by means of a newsletter, a journal, electronic media, and other scientific, educational, and professional materials.

Provide continuing education opportunities through conferences, workshops, and other means that assist clinical mental health counselors in updating and enhancing their competencies.

Promote standards for the training of clinical mental health counselors.

Promote research studies into the effectiveness of clinical mental health counseling interventions and related professional issues.

Promote positive relations with other professional organizations for effective advocacy of clinical mental health issues.

Promote a program of effective public relations to enhance the awareness of clinical mental health counseling and the competencies and services of its practitioners.

Promote high standards for credentialing and licensure of clinical mental health counselors, portability of these credentials and licenses, and the acceptance of clinical mental health counselors by all private and public employers and insurance programs.