The mission of the Association is to promote the quality and professionalism of clinical mental health services, to maintain a viable and distinct professional identity for Licensed Professional Counselors (aka Clinical Mental Health Counselors), and advocate for public legislative policy consistent with professional ethics and values.

The purposes of the Association, complementary to those of the parent organization, AMHCA, are as follows:
A) To promote the clinical mental health counseling profession and the practice of clinical mental health counseling.
B) To exchange information pertinent to the clinical counseling concerns with members and other appropriate persons, through written media, regional districts, educational programs.
C) To provide the public with information regarding the role and function of the clinical mental health professional counselor.
D) To promote professional development activities for the clinical mental health counselor to expand or renew skills and help satisfy the various requirement for re-licensing/certifications. To advocate for the high standard of professional preparation and development.
E) To monitor and take a position regarding legislation which affects clinical mental health counselors or the practice of clinical mental health counseling and to educate clinical mental health counselors about legislative issues.
F) To promote a forum through which clinical mental health counselors may advocate for the social and emotional needs of the clients.
G) To coordinate and ally with other organizations and counselors to promote the clinical mental health counseling profession and address matters of concern related to clinical mental health counseling.
H) To monitor third-party payment issues and initiate as appropriate to represent the interest of clinical mental health counselors.
I) To promote ethical standards and conduct among clinical mental health counselors.


The SOUTH CAROLINA CLINICAL MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELORS ASSOCIATION is a dynamic, progressive organization promoting the role of professional counselors as leaders in mental health care. We create a safe, nurturing association fostering the professional and personal growth of our members. As the premier organization representing counselors in South Carolina, we enhance the image and working environment of Professional Counselors by:

Maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards;
Providing leadership through the development of legislative initiatives; and
Initiating collaborative relationships based on our principles of inclusiveness and mutuality with any and all organizations vested in mental health.

As counselors, we believe quality mental health care is crucial to the well being of our clients, our community, our nation, and our planet. SCCMHCA significantly contributes to the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the public through community service projects and public education efforts. We provide our services with respect and dignity to those we serve.